Agility – Ingenuity


Potential Applications

• Wireless hardware control
–          Adjust appliance settings
• Wireless hardware monitoring
–          Input measurements
–          Operation details
–          Output measurements
–          Impact measurements
–          Impact comparisons
–          Report generation
• Wireless firmware upgrade
–          Upgrade embedded firmware
• Wireless sensor extension
–          Integrate mobile sensor data
• Wireless network extension
–          Integrate mobile networking
• Wireless human interface
–          Integrate human input data
• Human-entered automation
–          Building manager settings
–          Homeowner settings
• Condition-based automation
–          Sensor triggered events
–          Timer-based events



• Powerful Modular Software tools that support
• Bluetooth Smart (BLE) support
• Bluetooth Classic Support
• ZigBee support
• Wifi support
• NFC support
• Isolated intelligence
• Field-upgradable
• Energy-efficient architecture
• Cross-protocol network bridging
• Data logging
• Multiple report output options



The Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ is a powerful set of software-based, data handling modules that, when coupled together, create a vast, customizable array of real-world energy usage data feedback, tracking, control and routing configuration tools that are ready to be implemented into your existing or planned product lines. The Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ leverages the hardware and software capabilities of mobile devices and the embedded networking capabilities of our proprietary hardware such as the Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core ™ hardware module to create peer-to-peer, local networks controlled by hardware, software, environmental factors or direct human interaction. With the Energy Efficiency Core™, your user’s iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet is given the power to directly communicate with surrounding hardware.

Custom Applications

Employing these core capabilities, Advantage can tailor a product to meet your needs.  We are able to provide a wide variety of high or low level communication buses, and AC or Battery powered solutions. The design can be scaled to provide any amount and type of analog and digital I/O. To meet your cost or power requirements, only the required peripherals need to be installed.


Figure 1: Energy Efficiency Core™ Diagram


Figure 2: Energy Efficiency Core™ Diagram


Our products are manufactured to meet WEEE/ROHS guidelines for lead free parts and electronic waste.

Any business that sells applicable electronic products, sub-assemblies or components directly to EU countries, or sells to resellers, distributors or integrators that in turn sell products to EU countries, is impacted if they utilize any of the restricted materials. WEEE compliance aims to encourage the design of electronic products with environmentally-safe recycling and recovery in mind. RoHS compliance dovetails into WEEE by reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals used in electronic manufacture.