The Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ offers proprietary mobile framework designed to expedite the integration of mobile devices with diverse hardware. 

Release of First in Series of Mobile Application Development Cores from Engineering Firm

Denver/.Boulder, CO

Advantage Mobile Application Development announced today the release of their Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ The mobile innovation team explains the significance of this development core by describing it as a proprietary mobile framework designed to expedite the integration of mobile devices with existing or scheduled hardware (such as household thermostats). Essentially, it is a map to more rapidly network mobile devices and electronic products.

Advantage’s Mobile Application specialist says: “We’re all looking for ways to minimize carbon impact and giving consumers control over their energy consumption through their mobile devices begins to tip the effort in humans’ favor. The Wireless Energy Efficiency Core represents an extended branch, a bridge to consumer mobile devices that we can build into nearly any product line. While there certainly are no limits to the sorts of automation we can integrate into electronic products such as home appliances or building environmental control systems, this development core represents the first of many steps forward toward making environmentally-conscious products easier, less costly and quite frankly more likely for manufactures to consider rolling out. Smarter hardware means smarter consumers and ultimately more informed decision-making capabilities. Armed with this, we’re certain that the consumer will make the right choices in their energy consumption.

The Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ offers the ability to facilitate one-way or two-way communication, direct control of hardware, user display or report generation based on information received from hardware or sensors. The engineering firm points out that there are also listed examples of more-sophisticated, intelligence and environmental condition-based capabilities that can be factored into the communication. With these enhanced capabilities, the Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ places green technology data in the hands of consumers. The Mobile App Team Lead also points out that “…the current generation of mobile devices is significantly-more sophisticated than the circuitry it controls and while that circuitry more-than-adequately handles the hardware it is responsible for, the infusion of hand-held computers means the addition of real-world sensors and software intelligence, augmenting or enhancing human interaction with the world in future energy efficiency technologies.

Advantage’s Mobile App team foresees the technology of mobile devices taking more of a driver-seat role in the future of smart homes and smart appliances. The Team Lead acknowledges that there are necessary steps between here and there “… like getting mobile devices a ticket on the green hardware bus.” Advantage states that its goal is to do just that with the release of the Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ and as the name suggests, the team aspires to make energy efficient device control an easier manufacturing decision. The core doesn’t simply plug in and replace custom network design and programming, The Advantage Energy Efficiency Core™ is designed to make the conversation more approachable, pushing aside the hugs and good thoughts, and getting to the nuts and bolts of very practical, deliverable technologies.

When asked about the genesis of the software core, the Team Lead said that it closely mirrored physical hardware datasheets and that the decision to make a green software development core to inspire and evoke forward-thinking development came about during a recent visit Apple made to the Advantage lab in Broomfield. During the visit, Apple was inspired by the hardware control capabilities that the Advantage team had integrated into their apps. “It was clear,” The Mobile App Team Lead says “that there was a bigger conversation to be had.

About Advantage

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Advantage Electronic Product Development has launched cutting-edge technologies for medical devices and aerospace instrumentation, as well as energy efficient and smart grid systems. The Mobile Application Development Division specializes in integration of both Apple/Android compatible accessories and peripherals (AppCessories) that will aid in green energy awareness.

Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™
Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™