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>   Medical Apps and App-Enabled Medical Devices
>   GSMA Publishes Research Outlining “mHealth” Adoption Impact in Europe
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Medical Apps and App-Enabled Medical Devices

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Mobile application Development and mobile devices have changed the way we interact with the world, improving the speed at which important information can be provided to specialists in nearly any field. So it should come as no surprise that the medical community has come to rely on the rapid delivery and improved management of patient care information that App Enabled Medical Devices, are delivering. With their fast-paced working environments, patient care facilities such as hospitals and walk-in clinics simply cannot afford to have care-givers standing at a computer, waiting around for medical results to display. Yet it should be said that even before the modern mobile product stampede, the medical community had been exploring miniaturized hardware; mobile versions of traditional, stationary medical equipment. Mobile devices have since taken us all on a fast-track and nearly any custom hardware that needs to interact with a user, medical or otherwise, is now designed with modern smartphones or tablets in mind. Jody Singleton, CEO & President of Advantage Electronic Product Development says:

“The next wave of medical app development is about innovation that utilizes advanced features found in the latest mobile devices and connecting those features with the hottest ‘App-Enabled’ medical hardware. The correct combination of intelligent hardware and intuitive, mobile software can enhances and sometimes even save the lives of its end users.”

There is a wide acceptance of custom medical technology deployed using off-the-shelf mobile devices. One reason for such broad proliferation of medical apps is the fast-paced nature at which Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  compliant, secure information needs to move about within the various arms of the medical care chain. We’ve all seen the hustle and bustle of medical environments and instant, secure, mobile information at the touch of a button is the only realistic information exchange option, given the patient requirement for minimized wait-times and complex test result interpretations. A peer review might circle the globe three times over before the conclusion of a modern doctor’s visit. Similarly, hardware designers are looking for rapid deployment methods and sophisticated interface platforms that designers like Apple and Google have since standardized are seen as the best solution. With all of this rapid deployment of mHealth medical solutions, (mHealth, m-health or mobile health) refers to the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices) the emphasis is quickly being placed on security, efficacy and traceability. This is widely expected to reduce the number of approved mobile applications in the medical industry as the FDA is, in fact, rallying their own efforts to introduce tighter regulatory standards governing medical apps. Despite the anticipated, strict regulatory compliance standards, it is simply daily operations for the Advantage Mobile Application Development division.

“The medical community is about to see a lot of regulatory oversight when it comes to mobile app deployment. As developers of advanced hardware interaction software technologies, the bold, new arena of the regulated medical app marketplace will be very familiar territory. While our mobile software solutions have been deployed in a myriad of harsh and demanding environments, from the heights of low Earth orbit to the depths of underwater crevasses, we are particularly proud of our medical apps and embrace upcoming regulation in the industry,” Stated the Applications Team Manager at Advantage’s Mobile Application Development division.

What mobile did was to change the number of patients physicians and nurses could attend to within the same amount of time. The sleek reinvention and standardization of the mobile interface is Apple’s contribution and Google’s Android has certainly picked up the ball as well, now it is medical apps that need to catch up.

If your medical hardware can benefit from intelligent smartphone or tablet integration, contact us to discuss your options. Advantage Mobile Application Development is poised to design, integrate and deploy your next iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone or tablet hardware interface.

GSMA Publishes Research Outlining “mHealth” Adoption Impact in Europe


The GSMA Mobile World Congress (an association of mobile operators and related companies devoted to supporting the standardizing, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system) recently published a commissioned report that outlines an estimated $130 billion reduction in European healthcare in 2017 (assuming the rapid adoption of mHealth). In this study, overall patient savings as well as lifestyle and healthcare workplace improvement estimates vastly dominate over the obstacles of implementation. These obstacles do exist, however and the report calculates various impact sway that any delay on adoption will have for the glowing 2017 savings figures. Some of the highlights revealed in the report include:

  • More effective treatment of 185 million patients
  • Lifestyle improvement benefits for over 11.2 million existing chronic patients
  • An additional 24.5 million supported patients in the same coverage span
  • An estimated $130 billion reduction in care costs


Making the Right Connection


When you imagine connecting medical devices to mobile applications, you’re probably not thinking about the best communication protocol for the job … but we are. Whether its Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as “BLE” , Near Field Communication (NFC) or a platform specific protocol such as Samsung’s “Chorus”, we will use all of the  tools in our arsenal of communication protocols to most efficiently connect hardware with hardware in Pico-networks, software with software or hardware with software. And when taking on a complex or even daily networking project, the communication standards chosen will dramatically affect how rapidly your hardware is deployed and how easily your users can take advantage of the services it offers them; which is why it is equally important that you choose the right partner to bridge your hardware and software solutions.

Whether seeking a low power & rugged ZigBee solution, a connection through Apple’s Lightning connector, a more traditional Bluetooth Classic integration or even if your team is exploring what the new Chord feature from Samsung can bring to your product, Advantage is ready to assist you not only with making the connections fire right every time, but in calculating the best route for your product before you commit to hardware. There is always an optimal communication protocol choice and Advantage will help your team make the right one for your product.

Being the first to market and the best of breed is about making the right choices as far in advance as possible and this level of clear foresight comes only from decades of practical deployment excellence. At Advantage, our team understands that with proper engineering innovation, you can make objects talk, you can make products interact, and in this… you can make people smile. What can an Advantage Mobile Application Development and Product Development do for your electronic product? Contact us to find out.


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