Medical App Development

Advantage Mobile Application Development is your best choice for a medical data app or medical device controller solutions. In 2013’s shifting regulatory environment, you stand to gain from our up-to-the-minute insight and decades of strict regulatory compliance experience in the bridging of hardware and mobile software.

We understand the importance of HIPPA data handling how to make a proper, seamless transfer of patient data through traditional and more recent communication channels between devices. We know first-hand that App-enabled medical hardware can be stopped if the app controlling it doesn’t conform to UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) or CE Mark standards and we know how to get it approved, saving your team from wasted budget and time-to-market delays.

Advantage Mobile Application Development, the mobile software arm of Advantage Electronic Product Development is experienced in multiple regulated industries. Something as important as a vital heart monitor application should be developed by a team that has already designed medical instruments and surpassed aerospace requirements and placed 9 objects in space aboard uniquely-rugged and top-secret spacecraft, not by a company that digs its heels into websites and games for phones.  Getting your product to market isn’t as budget-prohibitive as you might think. We simply do it right and ahead of time – this is how medical equipment is deployed.

Examples of Medical Apps

  • Medical device controller apps
  • Medical device monitoring and/or reporting apps
  • Medical recommendation apps (field trauma treatment, etc.)
  • Medical laboratory interaction apps (apps used to control equipment or display equipment info)
  • mHealth compliance apps (apps used to augment hardware for mHealth compliance)
  • Health guideline apps (general educational apps)
  • Health assistance apps (patient medication reminders, etc.)
  • Healthcare billing apps (apps used for secure patient payment and billing processing)
  • Electronic Medical Record apps (apps used for secure patient document handling)
  • Staff support apps (apps used by staff in care-giving facilities such as scheduling, etc.)

We have Cross-industry Regulatory Compliance Experience with are uniquely qualified to design and deploy medical and other apps for use by:

  • Municipal agencies
  • Military arms
  • Aerospace companies
  • Educational facilities
  • Experimental laboratories
  • And of course, medical institutions

Even if you have one or several deployed apps in the field, our team can connect your app to the devices around it using the latest in secure communication protocols.

Whether you’re looking to wirelessly connect with a medical device using BLE (“Bluetooth Low Energy” or “Bluetooth 4.0”), Chord, ZigBee, WiFi, etc., or if your team is looking to update the hardware connection of your existing device we can do it right, do it fast and do it in budget! … But we’ll need to discuss your project in order to begin the planning process with your team. Let us help you get to market right.