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Access To Everyday Things

Mobile devices and the accessories that go along with them have long been accepted by the consumer and business sectors, but as with any technology, mobile device utility continues to find new ground over time, adding new and powerful capabilities. With the advancement of specialized hardware and software within interactive accessories, what is often referred to as “the internet of things,” is already being controlled by the over 1-billion mobile devices used worldwide. *The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. (Kevin Ashton)

AMAD-NewsletterImageIndustry-specific software is certainly no new concept, but adapting such hardware as an iPhone, iPad, and Android phone (or other tablet devices) so that they meet particular, industry-specific needs is a method of mobile applications development that is on the rise. The driving forces vary depending upon the industry in focus, but the growing pattern shows innovative leaders looking towards mobile integration to improve interaction between equipment and the people operating it, as well as to reduce development time and secure rapid adaptation in a given marketplace.

No longer seen as a mere communications or gaming platform, mobile applications and corresponding mobile devices are now spotted in lab settings where they are expertly integrated in with (or adapted to) control external, real-world electronic products in the medical, smart energy and even aerospace fields where new capabilities are being explored, positively exploited and deployed into the field every day. When you think of mobile devices, the first thing to come to mind may be a mobile web browser, a database app or other traditional network interfacing applications. You may not be thinking of the much more sophisticated sensors available on nearly every smartphone device … gyroscope, accelerometer, RFID or near field communication transponder and magnetometer. These powerful sensors go under-utilized and even unnoticed by everyday mobile app developers. This is changing moment to moment as developers come up with new ways to integrate the technologies.

“There is so much that these little black boxes can do. If you think mobile application development is about telephony, then you may already be behind your closest competitor. The next stage in the mobile integration movement is true back-and-forth communication between the user and the world around them … the objects around them. In the past, you would call to check if your home heater was left on, then came the era of seeing on your phone if your heater was left on. We’re now at the stage where you’re turning off your heater from your phone. This is being done right now in countless arenas and the next generation of smartphone-operated electronic products is already performing without human input. It’s not enough to simply send commands from custom software-driven smartphone and mobile devices; there must be something on the other end listening, reacting, and based on local sensors, responding in an intelligent, conditional feedback loop. That is where a change is happening – not in hardware or in software independently, but in our approach to solutions through interactive software and smartphone-compatible hardware beginning with the planning stages all the way through to the delivered product.”

Advantage Mobile Application Development, the expanded mobile applications development arm of 20-year veteran, Advantage Electronic Product Development, is positioned to provide expert application development for products needing to connect to mobile devices, tablets smartphones. Our forte is in delivering the full-meal-deal of custom hardware devices networked with and/or controlled by mobile platforms within a sleek consumer interface. Advantage apps have always been designed with the end-user in mind, keeping reliability and aesthetics side-by-side throughout the development process. Vertical integration utilizing advanced platforms in custom designs that connect to, or work with, iPhone, iPod, iPad or other touch devices.

What would your products be like if they could tap into the little known capabilities of mobile devices? Creating intuitive interaction between your product and the end user is something we attain for our clients every day.

We have recently expanded our team!

We expanded the Mobile Application Development division. The team will be responsible for advanced inter-connectivity (“app-ccessories”) between the mobile software that interacts with hardware accessories. We plan to go a step further in mobile application development. Our intention is to push the boundaries of mobile hardware app development and to show that there remains so much we can do with existing technologies like the Apple platforms. Having been engaged in the development of Apple and Android Peripherals for several years Advantage is fulfilling our need for more bandwidth by adding lab space and personnel to the mobile application division. Jody Singleton, President /CEO of Advantage stated, “The division is a welcome addition to our in-house Android and Apple Peripherals applications developers. We are excited to be offering more robust mobile applications development services.”

Accelerating The Intelligence of The Internet of Things

Over the past decade, the Internet of Things has become more and more a part of our daily lives. So much so, that the concept goes largely unnoticed by people going about their own daily routines. Industry brouhaha aside, the Internet of Things is indeed a game-changer, yet there isn’t much information about the engineers that are adding intelligence and a voice to the otherwise benign world of everyday objects around us. A lot of people might begin to imagine these objects are simply evolving to the state they now embody, that is, relatively self-aware objects that are able to communicate with other members of their object family. This just isn’t the case. It is cutting edge engineers of interconnected hardware, embedded software and user interface solutions that go beyond the status-quo and are literally rewriting how we view the world – one schematic element and line of code at a time.

InternetOfThingsThe wizards that bring life to tin don’t do so in far off places or behind thick velvet curtains. They are busy doing so right in your town. Based out of Broomfield Colorado we specialize in development of concepts to prototype builds and the manufacturing of smart objects. While it is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, our clients find that taking existing objects and adding, intelligent local networking capabilities to these objects is just as rewarding if not more so. While this certainly isn’t all that we offer our clients, it’s obvious that there’s a world of opportunity out there in making a world for objects to communicate within.

Known as game changers, not game developers, we are domestic hardware and software developers with real world experience. We design and manufacture medical, instrumentation, sensors and commercial devices using communication protocols that connect to and interact with iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Bring your product to Advantage and let us make it more capable when we integrate these advanced control technologies and feature-rich user interfaces.

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