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HIPAA Compliant electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) Application Development

The growing emphasis on mobility and smart devices has caused an immense shift in many industries. Reimbursement models and the regulations built to support the health care sector, have likewise had to shift.

App-enabled remote patient monitoring technology offers an opportunity for improved efficiency, more distributed awareness and better patient engagement and compliance. Mobile application enabled personal medical devices bring wireless connectivity to devices nearly everyone has, smartphones and/or tablets, helping to place the power of health care in the hands of the patients. However, with this shift it has become abundantly clear that there is a developing problem with security and privacy. In addition to years of experience in developing interactive electronic products that record, monitor, report to care-givers and alert the patient, Advantage’s Mobile Application Development Division is experienced in regulatory industries and has a solid track-record of providing clients with safe and compliant software to control the connected peripherals they rely on. We understand that best practices require preventative action and an awareness of the laws that surround electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.

If you need a medical device application developed that might involve the transmission of ePHI to or from any covered entity (health care providers, health plan companies and programs, etc.) your application is subject to HIPAA regulations. Due to the nature of mobile devices, health care applications fall prey to certain vulnerabilities.

  • Stolen or lost devices may compromise ePHI, particularly when that device is not password protected or protected by simple passwords as is common due to the limitations of touch keyboards.
  • Mobile devices are often connected to many social media sites and information sharing services, opening up many channels through which ePHI may be easily and illegally distributed.
  • Even when password protected, a mobile device often offers users application notifications which may contain sensitive patient information, viewable to anyone nearby.

Our Mobile Application Development team has experience with these mHealth Device vulnerabilities and uses best practices as well as custom solutions to help protect individuals & their applications against breaches.

  • Authorized Data Access

HIPAA guidelines clearly state that any and all access to ePHI be logged and regulated. In addition, they state that users only have access to the minimum necessary information. We handle this by providing services with user authentication and customized access levels. When ePHI is accessed or changed by uniquely identifiable logged-in users, logs may be recorded to help audit HIPAA compliance

  • Secured and Encrypted Data Storage and Transmission

Advantage’s team provides implementations that support secure and encrypted system storage and data transfer customized to the most seamless functionality of an application’s purpose.

  • Patient Data Authorizations and Tracking Solutions

HIPAA guidelines require a patient to expressly authorize the use of their information by any company or institution. To aid in this compliance, we offer the option to track this consent allowing a patient to revoke consent or renew it in the case that it should expire.

  • Emergency Remote ePHI Data Deletion

For an added layer of security, Advantage offers the option to remotely wipe all existing ePHI from any device in the case of phone loss or theft.

With the addition of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) and the implementation of the Omnibus Rule, the consequences for violating HIPAA guidelines have increased in severity as well as cost. Advantage would like to help you implement HIPAA Compliant solutions and aid your company with the development of robust and efficient healthcare applications.