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Energy Efficiency App Development

We know that converting a product line to greener standards can be a complex and costly endeavor. Our mobile development team at Advantage Mobile Application Development division of Advantage Electronic Product Development has extensive experience creating and integrating green and energy efficiency apps with Apple and Android Peripherals and Accessories, (AppCessories) giving product users new energy consumption and control options that can successfully re-categorize your product AND make a difference environmentally. Advantage has, for the last 20 years, breathed life into real-world objects by giving them localized intelligence coupled with intuitive Mobile Applications. Our Mobile Application Development Division developed the Energy Efficiency Core™ to make the mobile integration process fast and efficient by utilizing proven code. Advantage has worked alongside energy agencies such as the Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration product manufacturers alike, leading the way in beyond-around-the-corner technology development. With years of field experience developing future technologies, we can present multiple paths in which a product can go greener through the use of exciting, breakthrough technologies.

Our team understands the various hurdles of product design, Intellectual Property gain, manufacturing cycles and market penetration. More specifically, we understand the nature of market adaptation and the ebb and flow of consumer product feature requests. The green movement is tightly coupled with a deep consumer desire for more control over their information and ultimately control of the devices around them. With Advantage, your product line can benefit from our energy efficiency monitoring and hardware control capabilities and with our hands-on navigational knowledge of regulatory testing standards such as UL, CE Mark and others, we can help assure your product’s proper placement in the market.

Examples of Energy Efficient Apps

  • Home/Business appliance controller apps as single point or building management
  • Home/Business appliance monitoring and/or reporting apps
  • Home/Business appliance recommendation apps (field trauma treatment, etc.)
  • Laboratory equipment interaction apps (apps used to control or display equipment info)
  • Energy compliance apps (apps used to augment hardware for green compliance)
  • Energy usage guideline apps (general education-oriented apps)
  • Energy assistance apps (appliance ON/OFF status reminders, etc.)
  • Energy billing apps (apps used for energy consumer payment and/or billing processing)
  • Electronic record apps (apps used for secure energy data and/or document handling)
  • Smart facility support apps (apps used by staff in smart facilities such as tracking, etc.)
  • Green Button user data access and correlation

We have cross-industry regulatory compliance experience and are uniquely qualified to design and deploy smart energy and other green apps for use by:

  • Clean & Green Technologies
  • Government agencies
  • Aerospace companies
  • Educational facilities
  • Experimental laboratories
  • Medical product manufactures

Even if you already have one or more deployed apps out in the field, our team can connect existing apps to the devices around it using the latest in low-energy communication protocols.

Whether you’re looking to wirelessly connect with green hardware using Bluetooth Smart (BLE or “Bluetooth 4.0”), ZigBee, WiFi, NFC etc., or if your team is looking to update existing hardware, we can do it right, do it fast and do it smart! … But we’ll need to talk with you about your project in order to begin the planning process. Let us help you “green” your products .

Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™ (PDF)
Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™ (HTML)

Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ (HTML)

Advantage ZigBee to Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Core™ (PDF)