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Colorado company, Advantage, enters important medical app contest.

Advantage Mobile Application Development, the mobile software division of Advantage Electronic Product Development, announced today its entry into the 2013 Blue Button Co-Design Challenge issued by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). The developer contest, hosted by the Veterans Administration, the White House, and other private sector and public leaders issued the Blue Button Co-Design Challenge, focusing on applications to be developed for patient’s electronic access to their own data. Speaking with noted enthusiasm, the Advantage Mobile Applications Development Manager said:

“We always have our ears to the ground when it comes to up-and-coming medical applications and we’ve had our eye on Blue Button for quite some time. As developers of Apple Peripherals, Android Accessories and various software bridges between hardware, it was immediately obvious to our team that the challenge was directly in line with what we are currently doing. It’s serendipitous that ONC would put out this challenge right as our own mobile application development efforts are leaning heavily towards medical application development. We want to let the world see what we can do with it …”

The Manager would not discuss the app submission itself, saying instead that the app would be built to conform to the guidelines of the challenge set forth by ONC’s team. He mentioned, however, that the Apps and devices they control will help patients utilize their clinical data in more ways than personal health records and health apps and could have a significant impact on the medical device development community.

Advantage feels that their experience in networking two or more medical devices gives them a good chance in the contest. According to Advantage executives, the hardware development industry is constantly looking to improve upon various aspects of hardware development with integration of mobile applications. He explained that his team is very familiar with hardware networking, and particularly excited about both the opportunity and the challenge to deliver and receive medical information anywhere, anytime and on any device.

This challenge represents the next key priority area with an amazing mix of ever-smarter mobile devices, the apps that control them and the devices they control. For patients and doctors, this challenge represents more connectivity options and the ability to view, download, and securely transmit their clinical data.

Advantage develops electronic products and applications that control or work synergistically with them. The firm expects a promising future for mobile medical apps that are changing the patient care landscape. The Blue Button Co-Design Challenge expands upon previous ONC activities that support patient access to their data and consumer health. Their position on the contest is that “ONC is challenging developers to create new priority patient applications able to receive data via Blue Button Plus.”

The Advantage Mobile app team brings an edge to the contest with their significant experience in the mobile software to custom hardware peripheral connection. The successful development of a medical devices controlled by mobile apps, piques the imagination regarding what innovative use Advantage will introduce to the contest.

About Advantage:

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, Advantage Electronic Product Development has, for twenty years, brought to life game-changing hardware for the sustainable energy, medical, military, municipal and consumer markets and their Mobile Application Division is intended to make life-altering contributions to these fields.