At Advantage Mobile Applications Development, we do not produce pocket games. We produce intelligent, custom mobile applications with mission-tailored user interfaces. We connect the mobile device in your hand to other nearby custom, embedded software-operated hardware accessories and rugged industry controllers creating powerful mote networks capable of tackling the most stringent of project and/or product requirements. Our mobile apps control commercial drone flight and modify home environmental energy consumption settings. Our apps adjust smart prosthetic devices on wounded soldiers and offer increased safety to high-voltage workers in dangerous, remote environments.

Our veteran development team has successfully deployed countless UL compliant hardware interface applications and we accomplish this by utilizing often untapped hardware functionality found on nearly every mobile device on the market, cutting your project and/or product requirement’s development cost by significant degrees. When the efficiency or very safety of your team in the field requires precision communication and control and when that control must be granted to or powered by an electronic device such as an iPhone or Droid phone, let Advantage Mobile Applications Development guide you to consistent results and product excellence.

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, our staff, which is comprised entirely of in-house engineers who target your objectives from the ground up. Our ITAR-compliant specialists understand the concept and importance of proprietary code, functional privacy, regulatory standards, UL testing, intellectual property boundaries and constraints and mastering all of these within tight time-to-market deadlines. We are prepared to build the tools that will make your mobile devices start working for you and we invite you to explore what a product partnership with Advantage Mobile Application Development could mean for your project.