• Ruggedized Wireless Sensor Network App

    Custom site safety warning system and other mobile-controlled devices used in harsh environments. The Advantage Mobile Application Development engineering team, advanced mobile safety assurance in conjunction with our hardware engineering team, leverages Zigbee technology with Apple platforms for advanced electronic peripherals that attach or communicate with your smartphone. We design and build real time instruments that are ruggedized for technician use in the field.

    Ruggedized Wireless Sensor Network App
  • Medical Tracking and Instrumentation Controller Apps

    Advantage Mobile Application Development creates quality-of-life hardware and mobile connectivity interface development adhering to strict, medical traceability and regulatory compliance standards. Advantage has extensive experience in medical instrumentation  and user interfaces, custom displays, imaging and specialty communication interfaces for electronic peripherals such as smart prosthetics and medical data tracking apps.

    Medical Tracking and Instrumentation Controller Apps
  • Smart Energy and Energy Consumption Mobile Apps

    As mobile platform software solutions provider of Smart Energy, Smart Home and systems. Advantage Mobile Application Development, with parent lab Advantage Electronic Product Development, provides turnkey mobile solutions for demanding, UL-compliant smart electronic product development.

    Smart Energy and Energy Consumption Mobile Apps
  • Electronics Interconnectivity

    US-based, mobile application developers for Apple-compatible accessories and advanced, custom remote hardware control using consumer mobile OS platforms. As an electronics peripherals developer, Advantage Mobile Application Development leverages Apple and Android platforms to create powerful UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) solutions for tablet or smartphone-controlled  devices that connect advanced accessories.

    Electronics Interconnectivity

Advantage Mobile Application Development designs and builds electronic products and/or peripherals that utilize Apple platforms directly or as adjunct technology for peripherals that work with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets while engineering solutions for demanding peripheral hardware and networking projects.